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Healthcare systems all over the world are exposed to huge challenges – from local to global level. There are higher expectations on healthcare provision from users and staff, together with technological opportunities combined with new needs. These factors push towards a shift from hospital-based units towards a situation where provision of health promotion and healthcare activities is needed in patients/peoples’ everyday places.

General information

This course will address healthcare system challenges, presented and explained by actors central within the Swedish healthcare system. The questions addressed in the course are not possible to solve properly within a single field of knowledge, these challenges need a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, the teachers and stakeholders in the course include a multitude of competences in a unique setting, headed by the collaborative platform CHI with competence about healthcare organisation, together with Architecture and Civil Engineering and Biomedical Engineering/Digital Health expertise from the department of Electrical Engineering.

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Previous students have studied and proposed solutions within Digi-physical healthcare centers, Children with complex care needs, Project Autumn leaves: fall detection, Virtual hospital, Covid-19, Living with cancer and Students’ health.

The result of this course is expected to concern and encompass several organizational, spatial and technologically oriented solutions and innovations. Participation can serve as source of inspiration for future job opportunities for students but can also contribute to new aspects on the provision of healthcare. This course offers you the possibility to experience how you will be able to tackle crucial societal challenges together with our professionals in a team.


We welcome students from all programmes and aim at 30 students (minimum 10) in balanced project groups with a mix of competences and backgrounds. We will organize the students in groups based on these factors. If the interest is high, there will be a selection of students based on their competence, interests, and motivation.

How to apply

Apply to all Tracks courses at
At Search for the course you are interested in by using the course code starting with TRA. 

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Please attach your motivation letter, CV and course transcripts to the application. It is appreciated if you combine these documents in a single pdf-file.


Teacher team:

  • Andreas Hellström, TME/SML/CHI
  • Patrik Alexandersson, TME/CHI
  • Johanna Eriksson, ACE/CVA
  • Göran Lindahl, ACE/CVA
  • Stefan Candefjord, E2

Course dates: Study period 1-2, 2024
Credits: 7.5 ETCS 

Course code: TRA310
Application deadline: April 30 – May 14, 2024


Students involved in creating the healthcare of the future

Today's healthcare sector is becoming increasingly digitalized and tech driven. Chalmers invests heavily in the area of health and technology. In the elective course Here, there and everywhere – healthcare integrated in our everyday lives and places, students from different programmes, teachers and industry representatives with different areas of expertise, collaborate. Their task is to find new solutions to the challenges within the global healthcare sector.