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Donations give us the financial means to take those extra steps and increase our contribution to meeting societal challenges.

With the help of donors and other investors, Chalmers can assume a leading position and become the first choice in several areas for students, researchers and partners. By contributing to this work, you provide specific, direct support for the area that is closest to your heart. The funds you donate go directly to the causes of your choice.

President Martin NIlsson Jacobi

A greeting from Chalmers' President:

"The major challenges facing the world today are far too complex to be tackled with traditional methods and thinking. It is no longer possible for individual actors to provide solutions; the challenges require new ways of thinking and new ways of working together across traditional boundaries. It is my firm belief that the forces for real innovation and entrepreneurship are unleashed when people with different perspectives, ideas and needs come together.

Chalmers takes a positive approach to the extended role of universities and promotes increased collaboration with other social actors. We provide opportunities and incentives for researchers to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries to address challenges in research and society, interact with industry and develop challenge-driven education.

Our past successes inspire us to achieve even more in the future to help create good living conditions for people around the world. We also see a growing interest in social entrepreneurship and a willingness to invest in knowledge building and education through donations and grants.

With additional resources, the responses to the challenges facing society are within reach. Together, we invest in the society of the future.

The next generation can be better off. Your support is important!"

Martin Nilsson Jacobi, President and CEO

Examples of areas to support

Students in classroom

Master teachers

Educating skilled, sought-after engineers is one of Chalmers’ most important goals, which can only be achieved with motivated young people who have good basic knowledge, not least of mathematics, from upper secondary school. We aim to supplement Chalmers' competent teachers with well-selected master teachers.

Female students in study environment

Camp Vera

Through the Camp Vera project, we want to attract more girls to technical subjects and increase awareness of the career opportunities that open up with a technical education. We welcome external contributions from those who share our commitment.

Students in poster exhibition

Scholarships for international students

International talent is needed to create a global classroom, which is why we award scholarships in partnership with philanthropists and industrial companies.

How to contribute

Contributing is easy and efficient. When you contribute you personally decide the area you want to support and whether you want to make a single donation or donate regularly. All donations go directly to your area of interest, without any administrative costs.

If you have questions, or want to learn about available payment models, please contact us:

Birgitta Rorsman
  • Administrative Officer, Management and General University Support, Chalmers Operations Support