Chalmers' campuses

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Chalmers campus Johanneberg

Chalmers University of Technology operates on the Johanneberg and Lindholmen campuses and at Onsala Space Observatory. 


The Johanneberg campus is a city campus close to the centre of the city. On campus you will find the Student Union building, the main library, cafés, laboratories, lecture theatres, several engineering programmes, student accommodation and much of our research. ​​

The campus is surrounded by green areas to the west and south, but is also relatively densely built, with options for expansion in the eastern part of the area that can be implemented in the longer term. The proximity to the city and all it has to offer makes the Johanneberg campus a vibrant environment around the clock.

Map of campus Johanneberg


Lindholmen has an attractive location in one of Gothenburg’s most expansive areas, very close to the water and the entrance to the Port of Gothenburg. The activities at Lindholmen are focused on transport, ICT (information and communication technology), maritime education and marine technology. This is where you will find Chalmers’ maritime simulators such as the bridge simulator and engine room simulator, which are used in both education and research. Lindholmen also has an information centre and a small union building.

Map of campus Lindholmen

Onsala Space Observatory

Onsala Space Observatory is the Swedish national centre for radio astronomy. Several radio telescopes are operated there and the centre provides researchers with data to study Earth and the rest of the universe. It also participates in several international projects.

The centre is located in the beautiful countryside of Råö, 45 km south of Gothenburg, and is run on behalf of the Swedish Research Council.

Map of Onsala