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Pavilion in chalmers fuse

Construction industry must accelerate to adopt technologies for circular and material-efficient built environments. There are the opportunities in utilizing bio-based and underutilized materials (residues, construction wastes, recyclable materials etc.), and we want to give inspirations to the public for the possibilities of more sustainable and innovative constructions by showcasing them.

The picture above shows the pavilion “re:cover” which was constructed in this course in 2023 for the 400th anniversary of City of Gothenburg. In this project we explored the possibilities of parametric timber structure in combination with 3D-printing of cellulose composite.

General information

In this Tracks course in 2024, we will prototype the structure of a new entrance to the Ängårdsbergen national park from the Botannical Garden. The entrance structure is expected to be an arena for social interactions and inspirations for the visitors.

We will build a full-scale mockup of the structure with a tight collaboration with the course “Material & Detail (M&D)”. The M&D course will develop the basic concept of the structural system and architectural design of the gate. This Tracks course will develop this further as a real-life full-scale structure. It is expected for this Tracks course team to further push the boundary of innovation in the structure and material use and at the same time to make it a realistic structure which may comply with both the client’s wish and the requirements for a permanent public structure.

The challenge of the course is (1) to materialize a concept into a real-life innovative object which can comply with numbers of requirements, (2) to develop the construction method which can be executed in the natural environment with minimum impacts, and (3) to erect a full-scale prototype.

Please join us for an unforgettable learning experience! Students can choose to take 7.5 or 15 ECTS. depending on their responsibilities in the course team, needs, and schedules.

For more information, please contact Yutaka Goto at


Any eligible persons for Tracks courses who are interested in learning to apply their knowledge and skills into an interdisciplinary 'live' innovative building project.

How to apply

Due to limited number of places students are asked to send a motivation letter - 1 page A4 at max to 


Teacher: Yutaka Goto
Course dates: February – June 2024 (the exact start date and final date will be determined in due course).
Credits and course code: 7.5 (TRA400)  or 15 (TRA335) ECTS