How Chalmers is run

Chalmers has been a private university since 1994, with a foundation as the controlling enterprise. The University has, compared to other institutions for higher education in Sweden, a unique closeness to industry and society with opportunities to create joint ventures with external partners. 

Chalmers is a foundation university with the board of the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation as its supreme decision-making body. Included in the Chalmers Foundation group are the subsidiary companies:

  • Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers tekniska högskola AB)
  • Chalmers Holding AB.

Chalmers Holding AB has the subsidiaries Chalmers Ventures AB and Chalmersfastigheter AB.

The Chalmers Foundation is also a partner in the technology parks Lindholmen Science Park, Johanneberg Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park as well as in Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory, SEEL.

Chalmers and the Chalmers Foundation appoint the boards of Chalmers Industrial Technology Foundation and Chalmers Innovation Foundation.

Chalmers University of Technology board

The main activity is conducted at Chalmers University of Technology. The university board is responsible for the overall planning, coordination and monitoring of the university's activities. Under the Chalmers university board, the President and CEO is responsible for operations generally.

Board members

  • Torbjörn Holmström, Chair
  • Elisabeth Björk, Vice Chair 
  • Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO
  • Ingmar Björkman, External Member
  • Thomas Erséus, External Member
  • Catharina Modahl Nilsson, External Member
  • Paul Welander, External Member
  • Eva Åkesson, External Member
  • Susanne Aalto, Faculty Senate
  • Elizabeth Wulcan, Faculty Senate
  • Catrin Lindberg, Student Union
  • David Welander, Student Union
  • Peter Hellqvist, Employee Representative, SACO
  • Jean-Marc Orliaguet, Employee Representative, ST
  • Johan Persson, Employee Representative, SEKO

Adjunct members of the Board

  • Charlotte Wiberg, First Vice President
  • Martin Nilsson Jacobi, CEO Chalmers University of Technology Foundation
  • Daniel Gyllenhammar, Representative from the doctoral student section
  • Stefan Svarén, Internal auditor (right of attendance)


  • Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall, SACO
  • Erik Lindblom, ST
  • Eva-Gun Ranebro, SECO
  • Isac Stark, Student Union

Planning and coordination

  • Jonna Amgard, Project coordinator
  • Karolina Partheen, advisor

The University Management Group

The University Management Group, chaired by the President, is responsible for ensuring that areas of activity interact and that Chalmers' role and contribution to society continue to evolve. The group consists of:  

  • President and CEO Stefan Bengtsson 
  • First Vice President and Deputy CEO Charlotte Wiberg
  • Vice President of Research and Chalmers' Areas of Advance Anders Palmqvist
  • Vice President of Education and Lifelong Learning Jörgen Blennow
  • Vice President of Utilisation Mats Lundqvist
  • Vice President of Campus and Sustainable Development Fredrik Nilsson
  • President’s adviser Karolina Partheen
  • University Director Anna Lindholm
  • Deputy University Director Angela Hillemyr 
  • Communications Director Ingrid Claesson (acting)
  • Financial Director Per Setterberg
  • Chairman Chalmers Faculty Senate Susanne Aalto
  • Chairman Chalmers Student Union Isac Stark
  • Head of Department Architecture and Civil Engineering Henriette Söderberg
  • Head of Department Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Hanna Härelind
  • Head of Department Communication and Learning in Science Ann-Sofie Axelsson
  • Head of Department Computer Science and Engineering Richard Torkar
  • Head of Department Electrical Engineering Anders Karlström
  • Head of Department Industrial and Materials Science Rikard Söderberg
  • Head of Department Life Sciences Maria Faresjö
  • Head of Department Mathematical Sciences Bernt Wennberg
  • Head of Department Mechanics and Maritime Sciences Sinisa Krajnovic
  • Head of Department Microtechnology and Nanoscience Mikael Fogelström
  • Head of Department Physics Thomas Nilsson
  • Head of Department Space, Earth and Environment Peter Forkman
  • Head of Department Technology Management and Economics Joakim Björkdahl