Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

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Researchers with a drone in wind tunnel

Uncrewed aerial vehicle – UAV, or drone – technology has seen a massive explosion over the past two decades. UAVs now touch on many different aspects of industry, and society, and the rapid pace of UAV development presents both challenges and opportunities for these sectors. This course will provide an introduction to cutting-edge topics in UAV design and utilization; and will support students on interdisciplinary projects to address these opportunities and challenges.

General information

The purpose of this course is to impart an in-depth knowledge of UAV systems and their application, and to develop technical and professional skills in UAV design and operation. UAV systems have many facets: their aerodynamics and flight dynamics, as flying vehicles; their electrical and electronic engineering, as systems of sensor, communication, and control systems; and their interaction with society, as remote-controlled or autonomous objects performing tasks in airspace.
Students will study these facets of UAV design and application through dedicated workshops from the multidisciplinary teaching team, interspersed throughout the course period. They will also apply and further develop their skills in challenge-driven group projects on research- and industry-driven UAV topics. Students will have the opportunity to propose their own UAV project topics; contribute to UAV research at Chalmers; develop intellectual property, and/or forge links with industrial partners.


The course is open to all PhD, masters, and late-stage (3rd year or later) undergraduates at Chalmers. The course has no specific prerequisites, but a background in engineering, physics, computer science or industrial design is advantageous, and spaces are limited.

How to apply

Send a short motivation letter to Arion Pons, arion@chalmers.se.


Teachers: Arion Pons, Carlos Xisto, Ola Benderius, Tomas Grönstedt, Isak Jonsson
Course dates: Study period 3 - 4, 2024
Credits: 7.5
Level: Advanced

Course code: TRA370
Application deadline: Closed for applications.