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If you have experienced something that created an environment that is intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive on our Campus, please speak out and tell us about it. You can use this digital form whether you have experienced it yourself or you have witnessed it. An investigation team will receive your report and is there to assess what the university should do based on what happened.

Form - Report an harassment

This is where you can report harassment, either if you have been harassed yourself or if you have seen or know of incidents where someone else has been harassed.

How does reporting work?

When a report is received by the university, it is registered in the records management system and becomes a public record. All reports are treated as confidential to protect the individual’s personal circumstances. The public is entitled to request to see a public record, but before Chalmers releases a report, it conducts a confidentiality assessment of the contents so as to protect what might be able to be linked with you and your health. Investigations and any measures taken are recorded in the same way.

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Receiving the report

The Safe at Chalmers team receives the report and makes a preliminary assessment of what happened in order to decide who has responsibility for undertaking an investigation: the university, the Student Union or another part of the organisational structure. Incidents that are primarily to do with student life are handled by the Student Union in the first instance. For employees, the report is forwarded to the line manager, or the next manager in the management line, for investigation.  

Reporting without contact details

Reports that do not contain contact details are used as documentation for the university’s and the Student Union’s preventive work and may lead to general and preventive measures.

Reporting with contact details

When you as an employee submit a report with contact details, you will primarily be contacted by the responsible manager. For students, you will be contacted contacted by the Safe at Chalmers team or by the chair of the Social Unit of the Student Union for a preliminary discussion. The purpose of this is to explain the procedure, hear more about what you experienced and discuss possible steps forward. Safe at Chalmers makes a pre-assessment as to whether there is anything further to be dealt with, together with the person responsible for the work environment where the incident occurred. In certain cases, an external party may be appointed to investigate the matter further.

Chalmers preventive work

If you do not want the situation to be investigated, or there is no information available to enable an investigation to be undertaken, the report and what you have told the investigation team will remain a part of Chalmers’ preventive work to create a safe and secure study environment and workplace. 

Collaboration conflict

If what has occurred is deemed to concern a collaboration conflict or similar, the matter may be handed over to the line manager, head of programme or section.


An investigation involves discussions being held with those concerned, both the person reporting the matter and the person reported upon. The aim of the investigation in the first instance is to stop any ongoing harassment and to counteract future occurrences. Sometimes only one discussion with each party is required to achieve that aim; sometimes the investigation takes longer and requires several discussions with those involved – it depends on what has occurred. If there are other people who have information that may be relevant to the investigation, the investigation team may choose to contact them. If you do not want other people to be contacted, this may affect the investigation team’s ability to assess the incidents. 


When an investigation has been concluded, an assessment is made confirming whether discrimination, harassment or victimisation has occurred, together with whether the organisational and social work environment were acceptable and whether the Code of Conduct has been complied with. The investigation team will also suggest measures as to what the University or the Student Union needs to do to guarantee that the reported behavior stops. An investigation may lead to actions under employment legislation or disciplinary measures. All parties involved in an investigation are entitled to support, and measures may be taken during its duration to enhance safety.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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