Reporting – what to expect

Chalmers has zero tolerance against all forms of harassment, discrimination and offensive behavior. All our staff and students have the right to a safe and secure environment.

When should I report?

If you have experienced something that you are not OK with, it is important that you tell someone and/or speak up against it. The review team who receive your report are there to decide what actions needs to be taken. You do not have to know for sure if something is considered harassment or is a violation against Chalmers regulations or policies, or Swedish law for that matter. The team have the competence to make this decision. It is however always you who decide what feels like harassment or discrimination and we will never doubt your experience in this matter.

What does a review entail?

​Normally it means that there will be dialogues with the accused and the one reporting. Other persons who have relevant information will also be contacted. The purpose of the review is to stop ongoing harassments and to prevent them from happening again. At the end of a review an assessment will be made to guarantee that the violations come to and end. A review can lead to various actions or measures. All parties involved have the right to support and necessary arrangements can be made during the review to ensure safety and wellbeing. 

Who are involved in the review?

It all depends on the type of incident, for instance if it is between students, employees or students and employees. All incoming reports are sent to the review team consisting of staff from the university and a representative from the Student Union (Student Welfare Officer, SO). Persons involved in the review team will not have any connection to the program, institution or student division where the incident occurred. 
The manager or Head of Department will be informed, but depending on the situation, not get access to all information. The review team will inform you about what type of information the involved persons will receive.

What happens if I contact the Student Union?

Incidents connected to the union or campus life sphere will be solved within the student union. If the occurrence is considered relevant for the university to act on, the Student Union along with the reporting person will contact thereview team. It is primarily the Student Welfare Officer that handles incidents. In case of more serious events a team is gathered, normally consisting of the Vice President and people related to the type of event. 

Will I have to meet the person/s I am reporting?

It depends on the incident, but if you do not wish to meet the one/s accused, you do not have to. 

Can I report anonymously?

Yes, you can always report anonymously on your own or someone else’s behalf. To start a review however we do need your contact details. The measures that can be taken will not be the same if you report anonymously, but will contribute to our data and statistics and can help in our proactive and preventive work.

Will I have to meet the one who accused me?

It depends mostly on the one accusing and their preferences.

What if I want to terminate the review?

If you wish not to proceed with the review, we will respect your decision. However, there are some cases that we are legally obliged to act on, but they may be reviewed more in general terms than in your specific case. 

What if someone from Chalmers is violating me after school or work hours?

It does not matter when or where it happens. If someone working or studying at Chalmers are harassing or violating you, measures must be taken. 

If I am the accused, what happens now?

You will be contacted and have dialogues with the review team.

Is my report open to the public?

When we receive a report, it will be assigned with a registration number and becomes a public record. It means that the public have the right to ask for the record. Before we hand out public documents we always make a secrecy assessment which means that sensitive information can be removed or masked.

Page manager Published: Wed 07 Aug 2019.