Chalmers against sexism

Chalmers against sexism is a sub-project of the Focus Equality project, focusing on creating a gender-equal Chalmers, free of sexual harassment. The Chalmers against sexism project is a collaboration between the university and the Student Union.

The survey the Student Barometer in 2017 showed that unwanted behaviour, abuse and sexual harassment are more common at Chalmers than previously understood. Something that was confirmed by the MeToo movement later the same year. Chalmers now takes a strong line against sexism and the key words in the work ahead are solution-oriented and specific measures.

The sub-project focuses on:

  • ​Making it easy to report 
  • Making it clear how reports of harassment are managed
  • Improving knowledge about what constitutes sexual harassment in our daily lives and how everyone can help to create a gender-equal university

What has the project achieved so far:

  • ​New ways of managing harassment
  • Implementation of a day on equality with the maritime management programme
  • Training in moral courage
  • Improved accessibility of information relating to sexual harassment on the intranet and Studen Portal

Reference group

If you want to get involved in the work to eliminate sexism and sexual harassment, please join the reference group linked to the Focus Equality project. Its tasks are to:
  • ​Act as a sounding board for the project
  • Highlight needs
  • Contribute with ideas and propose measures and activities
  • Form development teams to work on specific issues as required

Page manager Published: Wed 07 Aug 2019.