Insurance for EU master student

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Students outside of Chalmers

Master students from any EU/EES country are covered by the Chalmers insurance policy through Chalmers' agreement with Kammarkollegiet concerning personal injury insurance during college hours and while travelling directly between home and the place where school time is carried out.

Students must present the EU Health Insurance Card and pay the applicable patient fee. EU students are obligated to acquire their own health insurance from their home country which covers remaining hours in Sweden.

Students with dual citizenship

This is unfortunately occurring for students having two citizenships and no EHIC. At Chalmers you are insured on campus and to and from school. If you have been admitted to Chalmers based on your European citizenship, you are obliged to obtain a full-time health insurance by yourself through a private company.

If you do not have an EU Health Insurance Card, you must obtain an insurance by yourself.

Please find information at the link below:


Insurance certificate for travels within a course, not exchange students

This certificate does NOT concern those students who are doing their internship in Sweden or abroad.

Make sure to only fill out the top section of the certificate. Fill out the insurance certificate (pdf-file) below and send it as an e-mail to to get it signed and stamped. You must bring the completed insurance certificate with you during the entire travel.

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Fee-paying students

Third country students taking a basic or advanced education and paying fees for their education in Sweden are covered by the FAS+ policy. The policy includes accident coverage, illness coverage, emergency dental care, home transport, liability coverage, legal protection and property coverage. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day in the Schengen area with exception of the Property cover in FAS+, which is only valid in Sweden.

Information regarding FAS+ Insurance policy

A claim application form can be found on the link below.

FAS - Insurance for students who pay tuition fees

Insurance for incoming exchange students

Incoming exchange students at Chalmers are covered by the Student IN insurance policy. The insurance is valid 24 hours a day in Sweden and includes limited accident cover, entitlement to reimbursement for health care costs in the event of acute illness or emergency dental care, home transport cover, liability cover and legal protection. For students coming from the European Union - make sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card.

Student IN insurance (Kammarkollegiet)

For more information, please contact your international coordinator

How to make a claim

The claim application form can be found via the link in each paragraph above. When you have completed the form and send it as an e-mail to to get it signed and stamped. Student Centre will send the claim form back to you. Then you send it yourself to Kammarkollegiet. The claim will be carried out by Kammarkollegiet.

For more information, contact:
Studentcentrum or