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To be able to start the process of being registered for your Master’s thesis, you must fill out a form and have it signed by the examiner and the director of the master programme. You must also meet the requirements that are stated in the corresponding programme syllabus.

Form for master's thesis

formForm Master Thesis (Opens in new tab)
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Digital signature on master’s thesis form

Both the examiner and the director of master’s programme (-s) has to digitally sign this document, in order to state that the Master’s thesis is accepted as a Master’s thesis within the students enrolled master programme. (Erasmus and Bilateral students are exempted from getting a signature from the director of master’s programme since they don’t belong to a programme).

If you are admitted to a five year programme in engineering or architecture, the signature also states that the Director of master's programme has assessed that your degree project is approved for a Master's degree in engineering/architecture for the five year programme.

How to create a digital signature

manualInstruction digital signature (Opens in new tab)
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Questions and answers about how to fill out the form

Submit your form by email

Email the filled out form at least four weeks before your estimated start date to:

Please note that we only accept digitally signed forms.

Register in Ladok

When the form is sent and all data is correct, it will be included in Ladok showing that you are expected to do your master's thesis, which you register yourself (as for any other course). The registration of the master's thesis in Ladok can be done earliest three weeks prior to the starting date specified in the form. 

Ladok: Study documentation system
Ladok: Study documentation systemLadok for students is your page in Ladok where you can plan your studies.

Please note!

By submitting the filled in and digitally signed Master’s Thesis form you confirm that you have taken part of the information above, on this webpage, and understood what you need to think about. What you fill out can affect your application for student aid (CSN) or residence permit in Sweden.