Emerging technologies through artistic innovation

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Innovation is often guided by a curiosity-based exploration with new technology. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, biology and ecology inspired approaches, big or small data, interactivity, and web, naturally involve different disciplines. Emerging technologies through artistic innovation is a hands-on, project based course that encourages curiosity ignited exploration of emerging technologies through artistic imagination.

General information

This is a project based course in which students explore emerging technologies for producing and realizing an artwork. The course delivers workshops on Prototyping, Artificial Intelligence for Music and Multimedia, Sensors and Electronics for interactive projects, data, and web technologies to develop students’ hands-on skills towards their final project. The final project is an artwork produced and realized as a group, either installed or performed at the final event of the course. Through artistic imagination and exploration, students discover free-thinking and develop new perspectives to engage emerging technologies for innovation.


We invite students who are curious to learn and explore new technologies. A background in areas such as design, prototyping, coding, creative coding, machine learning, and electronics is beneficial.

How to apply

Please send your application to tatar@chalmers.se. Please include a letter explaining your background and how it relates to the following areas above.


Teachers: Kıvanç Tatar (examiner), Kelsey Cotton (co-teacher)

Course dates: Study period 3 and 4, 2024

Credits: 7.5

Level: Advanced

Course code: TRA385

Application deadline: Closed for applications.