Bilateral Double Master's Degree

Chalmers University of Technology has agreements with different universities around the world, giving students within certain fields the opportunity to graduate with a double Master's degrees – one from Chalmers and one from the partner university.
Double degree students take the first year of the Master's programme at Chalmers and the second year at one of our partner universities, including project work. Studies will be concluded with a Master’s project that includes two supervisors, one from each university.
After applying and having been accepted to a Master's programme included in the double degree agreements listed below, students will be offered the opportunity of a double degree. Directly after enrolment at Chalmers, you may apply by contacting the Master’s Programme Director. The Programme Director decides which students will be nominated for double degree studies. After acceptance, Double Master's Degree students follow a specially tailored syllabus.
Please note that the Swedish Institute’s (SI) scholarship cannot be combined with a double degree Master’s programme.

Double degree partner universities 

Universität Stuttgart, Germany
The language of instruction is English or German, depending on which courses you choose. 
Masters's programmes included 2020/21:

Eurecom​, France 
The language of instruction is in English. 
Master´s programmes included: 
For further information
Contact International coordinator: Andreas Eriksson,

Other double degree options

Nordic Five Tech
The Nordic Five Tech's joint Master's programmes ​include two years of study at two different universities in the Nordic countries. The joint programmes lead to double Master's degrees - one from each of the universities where the studies have taken place. Nordic Five Tech joint Master's programmes:
Erasmus Mundus joint Master's programmes
Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s programmes are co-operations between at least three European universities and can also include partner universities outside of Europe. Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s programmes that Chalmers participates in:

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