Admission Regulations

The Admission Regulations include Bachelor's level (first cycle) and Master's level (second cycle) and refer to rules regarding:
  • Application
  • Eligibility
  • Selection
Note that the text is partly in Swedish, but the sections concerning Master's level (second cycle) are written in English. The Admission Regulations are decided by the Vice President and are published in October annually. The rules then apply for the forthcoming academic year beginning with the autumn semester.

Admission Regulations - Academic year 2017/18 (beginning with the autumn semester 2017)
Admission Regulations 2017-18.pdf

Admission Regulations - Academic year 2016/17 (beginning with the autumn semester 2016)
Admission Regulations 2016-17.pdf

Chalmers Admissions​

Published: Fri 23 Sep 2011. Modified: Thu 13 Oct 2016