SSF Center for high speed wireless communication

Startdatum 2007-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2012-12-31
​The mission of this center is to produce world-class research in the area of wireless high data rate communications. We will provide optimized system solutions that take all relevant aspects of the physical communication process into account. The center is committed to serving Swedish industry and education by providing research results, contribution to standardization activities, and engineers that are well-educated in the area.
An interdisciplinary approach is crucial in order to arrive at an optimized system specification. Recognizing this, the center will combine the knowledge of several research groups, each recognized as among the world’s best in their respective fields. Expertise in propagation channels, antennas, coding, modulation, data security, multiple access, signal processing, as well as chip design, will be combined. The center is committed to combining those talents into something that is even stronger than the sum of these parts, making the center one of the world’s leading research institutions in this field.

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​Projektledare, HSWC Director: Professor John B. Anderson, LTH
Professor Ove Edfors, LTH
Professor Thomas Johansson, LTH
Professor Gerhard Kristensson, LTH
Professor Lars-Erik Wernersson, LTH
Professor Andreas Molish, LTH
Professor Michal Pioro, LTH
Docent Daniel Sjöberg, LTH
Docent Mats Gustafsson, LTH
Docent Henrik Sjöland, LTH
Docent Fredrik Tufvesson, LTH
Docent Viktor Öwall, LTH
Docent Fredrik Rusek, LTH

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