Nästa generations provningsmetoder för aktiva säkerhetsfunktioner

The project aim is to address the research needed for efficient active safety function verification and validation through consistent methods and tools. The target is a chain of flexible tools and methods that significantly will improve test efficiency, test quality and ability for verification and validation of coming active safety systems. The expected outcome is shorter verification and validation time and, more importantly, the ability to verify and validate the next generation active safety system. Today there is a lack methods and tools for verifying functions such as “Lane Change Inhibit for On-coming” which thus cannot be developed. The “Lane Change Inhibit for On-come” function it self target more then half of the lethal accident scenarios involving trucks in Sweden. Another area addressed is vulnerable road users where passive system has shown ineffective, targeting about one third of the lethal accident scenarios involving trucks in Sweden.

Samarbetande organisationer

  • Autoliv AB (Privat, Sweden)
  • Volvo Cars (Privat, Sweden)
  • Högskolan i Halmstad (Akademisk, Sweden)
  • Högskolan i Halmstad (Utgivare, Sweden)
  • Volvo Group (Privat, Sweden)
  • SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB (Forskningsinstitut, Sweden)
  • Statens Väg- och Transportforskningsinstitut (VTI) (Forskningsinstitut, Sweden)
Startdatum 2012-01-04
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2015-03-30

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 01 jul 2021.