Know4Car - An Internet-based collaborative platform for managing manufacturing knowledge

​Current digital manufacturing ICT platforms have provided a series of tools, including CAx, PDM, and PLM systems, to support engineers in a series of collaborative activities, allowing them to communicate as well as to design and validate the manufacturing processes. However, they still have a long way to go, before effectively addressing engineering knowledge management issues:
  • Today´s ERP systems are often detached from the engineering knowledge they are associated with, while PLM systems provide no link to actual performance indicators, such as cost, time, and quality parameters,
  • Current User Interfaces are often too complex and require much effort to follow,
  • Knowledge is often dispersed over many stakeholders and many IT systems,
  • There is still a significant absence of robust tools for automatic knowledge capturing as well as for systematic reuse of knowledge, especially in the area of engineering,
The Know4Car project attempts to address the following objectives:
  • More efficient knowledge management and collaboration throughout the products lifecycle, supporting the capture, the systematic organization in the form of manufacturing templates of knowledge,
  • To revolutionize the User Interface context in the engineering office and on the shop floor, with particular emphasis on training activities,
  • Faster, easier, error-free User Interface for data entry/checking on the shop floor along with serious game, options for instantaneous knowledge retrieval, training and/or design purposes.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 08 sep 2014.