Digital twin of the new multi-burner test facility at Chalmers power central

The proposed project will create a framework for a digital-twin to the new 6 MW multi-burner test facility at Chalmers power central. The new boiler, known as KC 4.0, will be commissioned during fall 2019, and during the coming years, a substantial amount of
experiments regarding combustion of biofuels are expected. The proposed project is intended to work in parallel with the first operation of the new burner to initiate the work with creating a
modelling environment to represent the combustion process. Such a model will be important to fully utilize the new research infrastructure and evaluating the experimental results. This
project is a first step in creating a digital-twin of the process and if successful will initiate a larger effort. A model based on computational fluid dynamics will be created to provide details
about flame aerodynamics and chemistry. The work is a collaboration between the Division of Energy Technology and the Division of Fluid Dynamics.

Startdatum 2019-08-01

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 23 jul 2019.