Atmospheric CO2 capture, using Chemical-Looping Combustion for CO2 Capture and Storage of biogenic CO2

Welcome to this GAC Lunch seminar with Anders Lyngfelt.
The talk will give a brief introduction to negative emissions and discuss technologies available, costs, and potential financing of negative emissions.

​There are very good reasons to keep the global warming below 1.5 degrees and with today's emission level the carbon budget is exhausted already in 2028 for 1.5 degree target.​
Meeting this target does not only require a rapid reduction of emissions, we must also realize large negative emissions of CO2. As responsible for today´s climate crisis, it is the responsibility of the rich countries to lead the path in realizing these negative emissions. Sweden, as an example, exhausted its rightful share of the 1.5 degree budget 25 years ago.
Negative emissions means we must remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Methods having reasonable costs utilize the ability of green plants to catch the carbon dioxide of the air, and include forest planting, changed agricultural methods and capture and storage of carbon dioxide from the combustion of biomass, so-called BECCS.
Negative emissions are about breaking the natural cycle, so that the carbon dioxide that the plants have collected is prevented from returning to the atmosphere. In most cases, this can be done in combination with the biomass being utilized in other ways, for example energy production. Waste from biomass used for products such as building materials and wood products, as well as wastepaper fibres, can also be incinerated with simultaneous carbon capture. Sweden is in a unique position with great unused potential for negative emissions from existing large point sources, as well as being close to geological formations in the North Sea well suited for safe storage.

Contact person:Erik Thomson​

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Tid: 2021-02-24 12:00
Sluttid: 2021-02-24 13:00

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