UN Sustainable Development Goals

Challenges connected to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is a strong focus for Energy Area of Advance, but it has primarily been related to environmental and economic aspects in the work of the Area of Advance so far. We are now trying to shift focus towards establishing better and more visible relations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This means not only addressing a few prioritized SDG:s, we need to find ways to address all 17 goals more directly. 

It's a complex process to address these goals and it’s necessary to work with multiple and parallel goals, as they affect each other and sometimes may appear as counterproductive. A holistic perspective is necessary.

In relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can describe our contribution as visualised below, with SDG 7 as the key focus, and through our activities - lower priority towards right (smaller symbols):

Watch Maria Grahn, director of Energy Area of Advance, talk about Sustainable Development Goal number 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, at GMV´s SDG Christmas Calendar here
The challenges for the Energy Area of Advance are summoned below:
  • From fossil fuels to a renewable energy - Transition to an energy system with 100% renewable energy, including transition of the grid system to accommodate the variable production.

  • Zero emission industry - Develop our industrial sector to a net zero emission industrial production system.

  • Smart City solutions – Urbanisation and the transition to sustainable urban developments, including smart and efficient buildings, sustainable planning solutions and increased prosumer situation with variable production and electrified transport system.

  • Sustainable transport solutions – Transition from a fossil fuel dominated transport sector to a renewable electrified transport system with biobased fuels as a complement.

  • ​Systems perspective on societal transitions – Improved understanding of the issues at hand to make the transition to a renewable, variable and sustainable society, including knowledge development and transfer to decision makers.

The major part of the work within Energy Area of Advance is centred on the challenges and visions developed by the researchers at Chalmers, organised in the following profiles:

Some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be linked to the work within all of the profile areas, such as SDG goals number 7, 8. 13, 17, 4 and 5 (see below).


SDG 9 – Innovation and infrastructure, is closely connected to the work within the following profile areas: 

SDG 11 – is closely connected to the work within the following profile areas:

SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production, is closely connected to the work within the following profile areas: 

SDG 15 – Life on land is adressed within the following profile area:
The Energy Area of Advance is also  indirectly involved in the work towards the other SDG:s (1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 14, 16), primarily through different forms of cooperations - Non-Academic impact through industrial/societal collaboration and Academic impact through international collaboration.​​

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