Projektförslag för kandidatarbete inom inst. Kemi och kemiteknik och Biologi och bioteknik


Mixed-mode chromatography for the analysis of pharmaceutical analytes dissolved in neat or high content of organic solvent


Avdelningen för Analytisk kemi, Institutionen för Kemi och Kemiteknik, Chalmers tekniska högskola



The pharmaceutical industry is more and more using automated sample preparation and analysis in drug development. In some cases, methanol is used as a dissolving medium which doesn’t work well with standard reversed phase HPLC systems. A promising solution is to use a mixed mode column, which is packed with particles enabling hydrophobic as well as ion exchange interactions at the same time. The objective of this project is to investigate chromatographic parameters suitable for this mixed mode strategy. This involves testing e.g., mobile phase composition and gradient elution settings, different separation media, separation selectivity and analyte detectability as well as optimizing analysis time for high sample throughput. If successful, this could lead to easier automation and higher reproducibility of the separations as well as a more environmentally friendly approach with less waste.




Investigate chromatographic parameters suitable for mixed mode strategy.


Genomförande /Viktiga moment/teknikinnehåll

1.  Introduction and HPLC basics, literature studies

2.  Screening of chromatographic parameters

3.  Optimization and application for selected pharmaceutical compounds



Speciella förkunskapskrav: Analytisk Kemi kam010, önskvärt med ej krav


Möjlig målgrupp: K, Kf och Bt


Gruppstorlek: 4-6 studenter



Huvudhandledare: Per Malmberg

Övriga handledare: Jan-Olof Svensson och Anna Granfors (AstraZeneca)


Studentinitierat projekt: Elin Allgén, Hannes Sellén.


Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 03 nov 2021.