William Henry Wittrick

William Henry Wittrick was born in 1922 in England, received his undergraduate education at the University of Cambridge. During the years 1945-64 he worked at the University of Sydney where he was awarded the degree PhD in 1950, and where he became professor of Aeronautical Engineering in 1956. Since 1964 he has been at the University of Birmingham, first as professor of Structural Engineering and then as Beale professor of Civil Engineering. In 1969 he was awarded the ScD degree by his alma mater, the University of Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Over a period of more than thirty years professor Wittrick has published an unbroken sequence of scientific works of the highest quality and breadth in the fields of solid and structural mechanics. The procedure for the determination of eigenvalues in combination with substructure synthesis, which he produced with F.W. Williams in the 1970s, has had a decisive influence on the formation of modern theories and computational techniques with application to structural stability and vibration. Practical applications are to be found in aeronautical, marine, mechanical and structural engineering. Professor Wittrick's papers are distinguished by their verbal clarity and their synthesis of mathematics and engineering science. They have thereby inspired, among others, research groups at Chalmers.

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