Tomas Kurucsev

Tomas Kurucsev was born in 1927 atSzeged,Hungary, and graduated at theUniversityofAdelaide(BSc 1954, PhD 1958). He has been a visiting professor at various overseas laboratories includingOxfordUniversityand the University de Quebec a Trois-Riviére,Canada, and at Chalmers where he worked during 1982/83. Since 1975 he has been Reader of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of theUniversityofAdelaide.

Tomas Kurucsev's research area is physical chemistry of macro-molecules. At the beginning he worked in basic science of shear-dependent viscosity and streaming birefringence of dilute poly-electrolyte solutions, but was also engaged in efforts to improve various technical processes, like desalination of water and heat engines. He has developed methods for data analysis in optical and nuclear-magnetic resonance spectroscopy and is well known for his works exciton interactions and energy transfer between dye molecules bound to nuclei acids. Since his sabbatical year in Göteborg he has shown a great interest in Chalmers and in the stimulation and training of our PhD students.

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