Robert Angus Buchanan

Robert Angus Buchanan, british, born 1930, PhD from University of Cambridge 1957, since 1964 Director of Centre of the History of Technology, Science and Society, University of Bath, England. 1975-83 President of Newcomen Society for the History of Engineering and Technology, SEcretary and Treasurer of the International Committee for the History of Technology.

Robert Angus Buchanan’s research activity has been partly devoted to general history of technology, partly to “Industrial Archeology”, in which discipline he has a leading position in Great Britiain. During his tenure to Chalmers as a Visiting Professor in 1984-85 the research project “The Engineering Profession” was treated at a series of seminars.

Robert Angus Buchanan’s devoted activity at Chelmers has become a great stimulus for the subject history of technology at Chalmers as well as at other universities in Sweden.

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