Mat Darveniza

Mat Darveniza was born in 1932 at Innisfail, Australia. He is a graduate of the Universities of Queensland (ME 1953, D Eng 1980) and of London (PhD 1959). He has worked in the electricity supply and manufacturing industries and hans been visiting professor at various overseas universities, including Flora Munich, La Plata and Chalmers. Professor Darveniza has a Personal Chair at the University of Queensland since 1980.

Mat Darveniza is a nestor in modern high voltage engineering. He is the author of a large number of international scientific publications. His major research interests range from the physics of electrical insulation to various aspects of high voltage engineering. These include isolated solar power plants, as well as lightning protection of power systems and telecommunication equipment. He has patent on an arc-quencing device and has published a large number of technical reports. Mat Darveniza has taken active part in many professional and academic committees, obtained several engineering prizes, and is an inspiring teacher and research leader.

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