J James Gibson

J James Gibson, born in 1923, received the degree of Master of Science in Engineering from the Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1947, and the degree of Licentiate in Engineering from Chalmers in 1971. After working in research and development for the Swedish airforce and at the Swedish National Defence Research Institute, in 1952 he received a scholarship from the Sweden-America Foundation to work at the research station of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Princeton, USA. He returned to Princeton in 1956 and worked as a researcher until, in 1969, he became a Fellow of the Technical Staff.

James Gibson has made lasting constructive contributions in the areas of antennas, electrical circuits, microwave circuits, logical circuits, digital circuits and transistor circuits. His devices, in many cases patented, have been aknowledged at the RCA with several awards.

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