E. C. George Sudarshan

E.C.G. Sudarshan was born in 1931 in Kerala in India, received his undergraduate education at the University of Madras and took his PhD at the University of Rochester 1958. He held research posts at both Harvard and Rochester before taking up his position as Professor and Head of the Department for Elementary Particle Physics at Syracuse University. Since 1969 he has been professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and since 1970 he has held the position of Director of the Center for Particle Theory there. Since 1972 he has also been the Senior Professor at the Centre for Theoretical Studies at the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore. He worked at Chalmers as the holder of the Jubilee Professorship in 1982.

Professor Sudarshan was a research student under R.E. Marshak. In his PhD thesis professor Sudarshan put forward a theory of weak interactions, the natural forces which cause the radioactive beta decay at the atomic nucleus. This theory, called the V-A theory, opened revolutionary new perspectives and provided the foundation for the spectacular progress which was made in the 1970s towards a unified description of all the fundamental forces of nature. Professor Sudarshan himself has made many contributions significantly to several other areas of theoretical physics such as non-linear optics and coherence, classical nonrelativistic and relativistic mechanics, and quantum theory.

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