Bohdan Lewicki

Bohdan Lewicki was born in Poland in 1921, and received his basic education at the University of Technologu in Warsaw where he received his Doctorate in 1951. In 1961 he was made Professor at the Institute for Building Technology in Warsaw, now reorganized and called the Center for Research and Development into Prefabricated Building Systems. Bohdan Lewicki has made crucial contributions to prefabricated buildning system research and has taken the initiative in planning work in this area within various international organisations, including work on behalf of the United Nations.

Bohdan Lewicki has enriched and stimulated swedish research into concrete on his visits to swedish universities, including Chalmers. Vigorously and skilfully, he has brought about and participated in cooperation between Sweden and Poland over many years. The results of this cooperation have been presented in various international contexts and it has thereby spread the reputation of swedish progress in research and development in buildning technology.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 14 okt 2010.