Lecture on Action Research by Jubilee Professor Hilary Bradbury

Title: Action Research as Research Utilization: Reweaving Multiple Epistemologies
What is Action Research?
A form of research where researchers and practitioners together identify and addresses urgent issues affecting society or organizations. Practitioners have a deeper and “living” understanding of the problem, while the researcher contributes to a distanced and theoretical perspective. The purpose is to focus on solving problems while generating valuable knowledge even outside the concerned system. 

Hilary Bradbury introduces contemporary action research for research utilization. She frames action research broadly to include scholarship-practice with a change/transformation agenda that encourages appropriate stakeholder engagement throughout. She emphasizes the inclusion of a diversity of stakeholders and expression, from interweaving multiple epistemological voices to the arts and more. Thereby, she proposes that the conventional practices of knowledge creation (which separate production from application, scholars from stakeholders) is itself part of the problem that must be addressed by all scholars concerned with research utilization.
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Plats: Vasa C, lecture room, Vasa Hus 3, Vasa
Tid: 2018-03-14 13:00
Sluttid: 2018-03-14 14:30

Publicerad: fr 23 feb 2018. Ändrad: on 07 mar 2018