Centres at the Department of Microtchnology and Nanoscience

MC2 is home of and partner in a number of centers - some of them are run in collaboration with other departments at Chalmers, others are run in collaboration with other universities.


Our vision is to establish an internationally visible and competitive Swedish hub for excellent 2D materials research and technological innovation. We bring together key players from Swedish industry and academic research to establish close, multi-disciplinary and dynamic collaboration.


FORCE is a Chalmers-based centre with the purpose of bringing together all research relevant to optical fiber communication. This is cross-disciplinary and currently involves people from three departments and bridges the whole chain from components to systems and analysis to experiments.

GigaHertz-ChaseOn Bridge center

The GigaHertz-ChaseOn Bridge center builds on the heritage from two of Chalmers’ successful competence centres, GHz Centre and ChaseOn. The new centre brings together 16 partners to address long-term industrial needs within the antenna-, microwave and terahertz fields.

Graphene Centre at Chalmers

The Graphene Centre gathers all research at Chalmers on atomically thin 2D materials (including graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, van der Waals heterostructures and related materials). It provides a forum for 2D material researchers to exchange ideas, to identify synergy effects, to build new and strengthen already existing collaborations within Chalmers, and finally to coordinate joint applications for new grants.


META-PIX is a competence center aiming to establish an internationally leading environment for research and education in ‘integrated meta-photonics’, with applications ranging from optical connections in data centers to quantum simulations.

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The world is on the verge of a quantum technology revolution, with extremely powerful computers, intercept-proof communications and hyper-sensitive measuring instruments in sight. Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology is a 12 year SEK 1 billion research effort that aims to take Sweden to the forefront of this very rapidly expanding area of technology. Through an extensive research programme, we aim at developing and securing Swedish expertise within the main areas of quantum technology: quantum computing and simulation, quantum communications and quantum sensing. Our main project is to develop a quantum computer that can solve problems far beyond the reach of the best conventional supercomputers.