Electronics, Biomedical, Liquid Crystal Display Materials and Packaging Group

The group is the home for SMIT Center in Chalmers and also for a joint effort with China on microsystem and nanosystem integration technology.

The group has extensive collaboration worldwide: In nano interconnect area it collaborates with Osaka and Gunma University, Japan through a program funded by the Swedish Institute for Higher Education and Research Exchange (STINT). In modelling of CNT thermal and mechanical aspect, it collaborates with Shanghai University through the Sino-Swedish Microsystem Integration Technology (SMIT) Center.

The group has also long term collaboration with Prof Georg Kuhn and Prof Milos Pekny, University of Gothenburg, Sweden on scaffolds for stem cell, astrocytes and neurons control and monitoring. The group is funded by the National Swedish strategic research area in Production “Area of Advance: Production”, National Swedish Science Foundation (VR), National Swedish Board for Strategic Research (SSF), Swedish National Board for Innovation Systems (Vinnova).
The group is also responsible for teaching at the Chalmers University of Technology in the area of microsystem packaging, reliability and thermal management of microelectronics and microsystems.