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Centre for Wireless Infrastructure Technology


WiTECH is dedicated to being a key player in creating a sustainable future by pioneering the next generation of wireless technologies, including 6G telecommunications, while championing sustainable, energy-efficient semiconductor components and design processes. The WiTECH Centre aims to establish a platform for close collaboration between centre partners by engaging them in multiple research projects, education activities, and cross-centre experimental demonstrators.

Welcome to the Wireless Infrastructure Technology Centre at Chalmers (WiTECH), where cutting-edge research meets collaborative innovation to shape the future of wireless communication and semiconductor technologies. In an era defined by connectivity and sustainability, WiTECH stands as a beacon of progress, driving forward the development of robust and reliable wireless communication and sensor systems. Supported by Vinnova funding (2024-2028), WiTECH is hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering in close collaboration with the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience at Chalmers University.