VLSI systems

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The chip die represents a multi-project chip, which is manufactured in a GlobalFoundries 22nm FD-SOI CMOS process technology and which includes, e.g., an RF-DAC-based IQ modulator and a digital Fiber-on-Chip emulator. Photo by Victor Åberg.

The VLSI Systems group performs research on circuits, architectures and design approaches of IC-based electronic systems with the goal of enabling efficient implementation of communication and computing systems. Our activities mainly target power-efficient digital and mixed-signal CMOS circuits and we use CMOS integrated circuits and advanced FPGA systems to demonstrate our research.

Electronics based on integrated circuits (ICs), also known in popular science as microchips or semiconductors, is an indispensable technology which pervades our society. ICs of today can contain several hundred billion transistors and while this level of integration offers unprecedented levels of (highly desired) system functionality, the integration of that many devices makes the implementation work of the VLSI designers very challenging. Stringent performance targets and strict budgets on power dissipation and development time are examples of different conflicting design goals that VLSI designers often struggle to reconcile.