Education at MC2

The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2 - conducts education at several different levels at Chalmers. We deliver courses within several master's programmes, and you can also study a postgraduate program, where you actively will be working with exciting topics within a research group.

Undergraduate education and master's programmes

At MC2, we mainly deliver courses within the master's programmes Nanotechnology and Wireless technology, photonics and space technology. We also deliver courses within several other master's programmes at Chalmers.

Our research laboratories also offer courses within their respective subject areas.

Below is a list of the master's programmes where you can study our courses, as well as a link to the page where all Chalmers' programmes are listed.

Nanotechnology, MSc

This master's programme is based on both physics and chemistry and will give you a thorough grounding in nanoscale prope...

Wireless, photonics and space engineering, MSc

The world is undergoing a fourth industrial revolution. Digital data is the new capital, and the internet has become a r...

Physics, MSc

Would you like to operate at the forefront of technological innovations? To contribute with scientific solutions to the...

Embedded electronic system design, MSc

Probably the most well-known example of an advanced embedded system is your smartphone — a handheld, low-power device th...

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Master's programmes at Chalmers University of Technology last two years, are taught in English and are worth 120 ECTS cr...

Bachelor and master's thesis projects at MC2

Bachelor projects at MC2

The bachelor's thesis is the first larger piece of work you do as a student. In addition to applying the knowledge you've gathered, you will work in project form and present the results orally and in writing.

At the learning platform Canvas you'll find the bachelor's projects offered at the MC2 at the moment:

Bachelor projects (in Swedish)

Master's thesis projects at MC2

Every master's programme is completed with a master's thesis work. You can find all available student projects offered at MC2 on advanced level on the following page:

Master's thesis projects

Doctoral studies

A high-quality graduate school is the backbone of any successful research department. One of the goals at MC2 has been to create and maintain a graduate school that will support the present research and training activities and prepare for new challenges. The approach has been to create one single flexible programme in Microtechnology and Nanoscience, common for all MC2 PhD students. The programmes contains a small compulsory part common for all PhD students at Chalmers plus a number of elective, attractive high-quality “core courses”.

Microtechnology and nanoscience

Are you interested in learning more about materials, components, and subsystems for the electronics of the future? Do yo...

We train new researchers

Chalmers offers an attractive and competitive doctoral education in a strong research environment in an international at...