Micro and Nanosystems Group

Microsystem technology is a fast growing industry producing a variety of products such as pressure sensors and accelerometers to the automotive industry as well as printeheads for ink jet printers.

At our group at MC2, Chalmers, research is focused on carbon nanotubes, different kinds of sensors including biodiagnostic sensors, AFM sensors and mass flow sensors. Integration of optics in microsystem technology is an exciting field which is also included in our research. In this field the research is focused on laser beam steering and micromirrors. We are a cross-disciplinary group and have collaborations with both industry and university partners.

Research Projects


Spatial Light Modulator, S.L.M
MOEMS-based beam steering
MOEMS for bio-applications

MEMS and NEMS for high frequency applications and wireless sensing

Intellisens (wireless sensing)
Wireless sensing for bio-applications

Low temperature bonding and sensors for material property evaluation

Wafer bonding for MEMS
Adhesion quantification
MEMS-based sensors in TEM
LTCC encapsulation

CNT-based NEMS

CMOS compatible carbon-nanostructures technology
Carbon-nanotubes (CNT), Nano-RF

Microfluidics and bio-applications

ElectroWetting-On-Dielectric (EWOD) droplet actuation
Coriolis-based mass flow sensor
Micro-fuel cells

MEMS for space applications

Microshutters for space physics and other applications
THz receivers

Miniaturized SEM

MONARCH project