Climate Framework for Swedish Universities

FollowUp Climate Framework Workshop

The agenda för the Workshop on May 12th

9:00 - 11:10 AM Part 1 FollowUp Climate Framework
11:15 - 12:30 AM Part 2: Ensuring zero emissions by 2045

* Introduction by Göran Finnveden (KTH) and Fredrik Hörstedt (Chalmers)
* Short presentation of the Climate Framework’s status by Kristina von Oelreich (KTH) and Maria Djupström (Chalmers)
Email break/digital coffee break
* Two parallel, interactive discussions
    Flights and research merits, Fredrik Högberg (GU)
    How to combine climate strategy with sustainability work, Eddi Omrcen (GU)
* Get-together and summing-up discussion
* AI and its climate effects - Vilhelm Verendel (Chalmers)
* Next steps in the Climate Framework
Email break/digital coffee break

* Short introduction on how to compensate for universities’ CO2-e emissions
* Four short seminars:
    Technology for negative emissions - Anders Lyngfelt (Chalmers)
    The carbon is not enough when planning for forest and land use - Madelene Ostwald (GU)
    How will society react? (climate denial) - Martin Hultman (Chalmers)
    Biochar as negative emission technology - Cecilia Sundberg (KTH och SLU)
* Panel: Anders Lyngfelt, Madelene Ostwald, Martin Hultman, Thomas Sterner (GU), Thomas Kåberger (Chalmers), Cecilia Sundberg, Åsa Svenfelt (KTH), Maria Djupström and Jan Pettersson (GU)
* Mentimeter – evaluation and next-step questions.

Climate Framework, background
If universities are to move forward and take responsibility as societal actors, they must act upon their research results into climate change and be bold and clear in their communication and collaboration with companies, society and governmental actors. Therefore a group of 37 Swedish universities and colleges has created a combined climate framework to serve as the basis for individual climate strategies; the aim being to align with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming limit by 2030. 

After the workshop

There was a big interest in the FollowUp Climate Framework workshop. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences. Here are the results from our two mentimeter surveys and the questions from the workshop Chat dialogue. The answers to the questions will be published later on


Follow up Climate framework-menti1.pdfFollow up Climate framework-menti1.pdf

Ensuring zero emissions by 2045-menti2.pdfEnsuring zero emissions by 2045-menti2.pdf

Questions in the Chat.pdfQuestions in the Chat.pdf


FollowUp Climate Framework 12 May, Eddi Omrcen BreakOut session.pdfFollowUp Climate Framework 12 May, Eddi Omrcen BreakOut session.pdf, Eddie Omrcen GU

FollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020, Anders Lyngfelt.pptxFollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020, Anders Lyngfelt.pptx, Anders Lyngfelt Chalmers

FollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020 _Madelene Ostwald.pdfFollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020 _Madelene Ostwald.pdf, Madelene Ostwald GU
FollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020, Martin Hultman.pptxFollowUp Climate Framework 12 May 2020, Martin Hultman.pptx Martin Hultman Chalmers

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