Reports and publications

Reports and publications from Onsala Space Observatory are collected here.

Strategy document​

Onsala Space Observatory: Infrastructure Strategy 2020-2030:

Activity reports

Latest annual reports on the activities of Onsala Space Observatory:

OSO Annualreport 2022 (Opens in new tab)
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OSO Activityreport 2021 (Opens in new tab)
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Older activity reports (from 2011 onwards)

Host department annual reports
From 2017 and onwards, Onsala Space Observatory's host department at Chalmers is Space, Earth and Environment (SEE). There are no annual reports available from SEE.

Between 2006 and 2016, the annual report of Onsala Space Observatory was part of the annual report of our host department at Chalmers (Earth and Space Sciences, or Radio and Space Science). There are also annual or biennial reports from 1999 to 2005. See also the Activity reports (above).

Older annual (and biennial) reports​

Publications lists

Publications by Onsala Space Observatory staff are recorded at Chalmers Research​. We also try to keep track of publications resulting from observations with, or describing the technical development of, the National Infrastructure telescopes.

Publications based on data from the National Infrastructure

Publications by Onsala Space Observatory staff