Nordic ALMA Regional Centre node

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ALMA (Credit ESO/S. Guisard)

Nordic ARC Node​

The mission of the Nordic ARC node, based at Onsala Space Observatory, is to provide full user support for ALMA users in the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) and Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) countries, from proposal development and submission, to data reduction and analysis. The ultimate goals is to help and encourage the community to make the best use of ALMA. ARC node services include for example face-to-face support for proposal preparation, observing setups, projects status follow-up, data reduction (CASA software), and access to archives.​

The Nordic ARC node has a special web site and contact email address:

The Nordic ARC node is part of the European ALMA Regional Centre.


Maria Carmen Toribio Perez
  • Senior Research Engineer, Onsala Space Observatory, Space, Earth and Environment

About ALMA

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), an international partnership of Europe, North America and East Asia in cooperation with the Republic of Chile, is the largest astronomical project in existence. ALMA is a single telescope of revolutionary design, composed of 66 high precision antennas located on the Chajnantor plateau, at 5000 meters altitude in northern Chile. It is used to explore the millimeter and submillimeter window with unprecedented sensitivity and angular resolution. It enables transformational research into the physics of the cold Universe, probes the first stars and galaxies, and can directly image the formation of planets.