Travel to Onsala Space Observatory

Onsala Space Observatory is located some 45 km south of Gothenburg and about 20 km from Kungsbacka. Public bus services end at Mariedal, 4 km from the observatory, so the simplest way to reach the observatory is by car.

Visiting address

Onsala Space Observatory
Observatorievägen 90, Råö

By car

From Gothenburg: E6/E20 south (towards Malmö).
From Landvetter Airport: Drive to Gothenburg and connect to E6/E20 (Malmö).
Enter exit number 59 and go right towards Onsala.
After about 10 km: Onsala church roundabout; go straight towards Mariedal/Råö.
After about 2 km: a crossroad (Mariedal). Drive straight ahead and follow signs towards Råö.
After about 4 km: a red and yellow gate. Press the button on the left of the gate and the gate will open (and then close automatically). You will see the white radome to the right; the scientists and the administration is located here.
There are two gates inside the observatory area, normally closed after working hours.

GPS coordinates

Latitude 57° 23.717894' +17 mm/year. Longitude 11° 55.530957' +14 mm/year.

Coordinates of the observatory GPS station, 1 January 2000. Reference system: ITRF2005, differs from WGS84 by not more than a few decimeters.

By bus and train

Between Gothenburg and Kungsbacka there is a local train with frequent departures. There are buses from Kungsbacka to Mariedal (4 km from the observatory).