SKA regional centre

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SKA telescopes, artist's impression
SKA telescopes (artist's impression) Credit: SKAO

Onsala Space Observatory is developing the Swedish SKA Regional Center node as part of the collaborative global network, SRCNet, in collaboration with Chalmers e-Commons.

The goal of the Swedish SKA regional centre is to advance Swedish leadership in radio astronomy for centimetre- and metre-waves.

This includes supporting participation in surveys and PI-led projects with SKA precursor and pathfinder telescopes, and SKA data challenges. When the SKA telescopes are in operation, a global network of SKA regional centres will provide training, access to SKA data and platforms for advanced data analysis.

The Swedish SRC works closely with the Nordic ARC (ALMA regional centre) to provide user support for radio telescopes around the world for proposal development and submission, data reduction and analysis.