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Visitor centre
Visitor centre
Visitor centre. Credit: Chalmers/Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Onsala Space Observatory welcomes prebooked visitors. We offer guided tours for schools and other groups, and regular public events. Chalmers' visitor centre for space technology and astronomy is located right next to the telescopes at Onsala Space Observatory.

Book a guided tour

We accept booking requests from schools and other groups.

We are fully booked for January-June 2024. From May 1 we will be accepting requests for the autumn term (August-November 2024).

We offer guided tours for school classes (10-30 people up to year 9, 10-50 otherwise) of all ages (though not year 1 or preschool). During December, January and February we can't host classes from year 9 or younger. 

During a guided tour, you visit our telescopes, see our exhibition, and get the chance to ask questions about space and about the Earth. The program can be adapted to the needs of the class. ​

Guided tours take place during office hours on weekdays and last two hours. We only accept prebooked visits. To request a guided tour, use our online form. 

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Summer break: During July to mid-August (weeks 27-32), we do not offer guided tours.

There is no café or restaurant service at the observatory, but you are welcome to bring your own snack or lunch.

Use of mobile phones in the observatory area is not permitted. Radio signals from mobile phones can interfere with our telescopes and their measurements.​


Public events

Sometimes we arrange special events for the public at the observatory, with a different program than during regular guided tours. Normally you have to book a place in advance and go with a hired bus to the observatory.

(Information about guided tours for school classes and other groups can be found under the heading Guided tours.)

Public events in 2024

In 2024 we have planned three public events.

Friday 19 April 2024: Visit Onsala Space Observatory as part of the Gothenburg Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen), theme Waves. Read more in the festival programme.

Sunday 26 May 2024: We celebrate Mors dag (Mothers' Day) with bur tours from Kungsbacka and Onsala. Ticket sales at Naturum Fjärås Bräcka from 8 March. Collaboration with Naturum Fjärås Bräcka and Science Safari.

Saturday 19 October 2024: Sweden's Day and Night of Astronomy is celebrated nationwide, with theme Humans in space. Bus tours from Kungsbacka and Onsala, in collaboration with Naturum Fjärås Bräcka. Information on ticket availability will be posted here.

Visitor Centre

Chalmers' visitor centre for space technology and astronomy is located right next to the telescopes at Onsala Space Observatory. The result of an innovative, climate-aware building project, the centre was inaugurated on 27 September 2022. A new exhibition in the centre is taking shape, developed with local schools and other partners.