Advanced qualitative methods: the Gioia method

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The course centers around coding, process model development, and the review process involving the Gioia method. In addition, the course will delve into the debate around the Gioia method and common objections in review processes and the general scientific discussion. The course has both practical analysis and coding opportunities and space for discussion and knowledge exchange. As prerequisites, we expect the participant to have qualitative data that can be used for a Gioia analysis and preferably to have the interest and experience of a qualitative study.

In the course, we will go through the core articles that describe the use of the Gioia method and several articles that have applied the method successfully in publications. In the sub-areas, various phenomena are treated based on theoretical and empirical perspectives, how these phenomena have been studied, and what the results and conclusions of multiple studies mean for qualitative research.

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Dr. Tomas Karlsson