Potential flow: panel methods

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Basic formulation of the potential flow problem. Discretization. Sources and sinks, doublets and vortices. Distribution in discrete points, as a constant strength or linearly varying distribution in 2D and 3D. Velocity of potential formulation (Neumann or Dirichlet boundary conditions). Ways to implement the Kutta condition. Unsteady flows. Ways to implement the free surface boundary conditions. Linear and non-linear free surface boundary conditions. Numerical issues.

There will be 2 lectures/seminars per week. In total 28 hours. The course will be organized in seminar form where the participants prepare, present and discuss the contents of the course literature.


  1. Manual computation of the flow around a cube.
  2. Programming of a potential flow method for the prediction of the flow around a 2D airfoil.
  3. Add a free surface to assignment 2.


Professor Carl-Erik Janson carl-erik.janson@chalmers.se