Vetenskaplig seminarieteknik (fördjupningskurs)

Om kursen

The course takes place once per week in the context of the AQP group seminar. All participants give presentations about relevant and possibly recently published scientific papers of other research groups that should not be too closely connected to each participant¿s research field. The presentation should focus on the main motivations and findings of the presented paper and be pedagogical such that everyone in the audience can participate in the following discussion of the paper. Thereby the attached rules should be followed. Furthermore, some of the course participants give feedback to the presenter about the style of the presentation, including suggestions for improvements.

Rules for the group meeting:

The presentation should be based on a paper that is not directly related to your work (but could still be of the same or a similar field).

The presentation should not last more than 30 minutes + questions. All in all maximum 45 minutes. If there is a lot of discussion, be prepared to be flexible enough to still keep the time.

Start with a two-minute statement what the paper is about, why it is interesting and what the main finding is.

Spend the following 10-15 minutes for an introduction into the field that is accessible to everyone

Then formulate clearly the research question.

Present a take-home message in the end of your presentation.

Use the blackboard for your presentation - take as a rule of thumb that you use the blackboard such that you in principle do not need to eliminate anything during the presentation.

Prepare a (possibly hand written) handout with main statements and information that everyone can use as a guide through your talk and as a summary to keep for further use. Send this to the AQP-list before your talk.

Question asking is strongly encouraged!

Cell phones, laptops as well as other working material are strictly banned from the group meeting!!

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