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Health care in Sweden

Sweden has a well-developed health care system and most doctors and nurses speak English. The health care system in Sweden is tax-based, which means that the cost of a doctor’s appointment is relatively low and, more or less, the same at public health care centres throughout the country.

If you are feeling unwell, you book an appointment at a health care centre (vårdcentral) and if the doctor thinks you need a specialist you will be referred to a hospital. You should of course visit the hospital directly if you have an acute problem, like a severe accident. If you need emergency assistance you should call 112 (the number for ambulance, police and the fire brigade). For medical advice, or if you are unsure who to contact, you can always call 1177 to get help.

Dental care in Sweden is separate from the overall health care and the Public Dental Service (Folktandvården) can be found on several locations all over the country. Costs for dental care can vary depending on your problem, where you are from etc.

You will be part of the Swedish public health care system once you have a Swedish personal identity number, but it is important that you make sure to be covered by a good insurance as well. More information can be found further down on this page.

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Student health centre

You can contact the student health centre at Chalmers if you are experiencing study related illness. It is a complement to the public health care system for students and it provides individual counselling, physiotherapy, general and psychiatric help. Booking an appointment is free of charge and English-speaking counselors are available. They can also help you if you are unsure about who to contact regarding the problem you are experiencing. ​

Personal injury insurance for students

All students at Chalmers are covered during college hours and while travelling directly between their place of residence and the university through Chalmers’ agreement with Kammarkollegiet concerning personal injury insurance. Kammarkollegiet is a Swedish public agency that provides different types of insurance programmes for students studying at the higher education level. The perso​nal injury insurance provides basic protection which covers personal injury in the event of an accident, as well as certain cases of illness caused by infection.

For comprehensive insurance cover, students must take out their own accident insurance to cover other times/leisure time as well as home insurance.

Please make sure that your insurance company is informed about your stay in Sweden. As the policies regarding accident, medical or property insurance vary from one country to another, you are advised to find out what applies in your case. The rules can be different depending on your citizenship and the length of your studies in Sweden.

Insurer: Kammarkollegiet, Insurance Department
Policy number: 556479-5598-3
Further information for students from the insurer Kammarkollegiet​ can be found on this link.

Contact the Student centre at Chalmers: