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Fuse Box in Chalmers Makerspace Fuse
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Fuse Box is a large flexible room that can be used for projects and events

Chalmers Fuse is a modern makerspace and lab – a creative meeting place where education, research, industry and the community come together to test and implement ideas.

About Chalmers Fuse

Chalmers Fuse is the physical location for the Tracks initiative – a unique educational concept that offers Chalmers students and alumni interdisciplinary courses to create attractive and cross-disciplinary skills in close collaboration with the wider community. Tracks is financed by the Chalmers Foundation.

The makerspace is located on Chalmers’ Johanneberg campus and is open to everyone at Chalmers who is looking for knowledge and wants to ignite their creative spark!

picture from the inside of Fuse

Fuse facilities

Chalmers Fuse exists to provide Chalmers students with the best possible prospects. There are modern tools and opportunities to test new ways of working and collaborate on everything from textiles, metal and wood to electronics, sport and music.

Fuse facilities include:

  • Water jet cutter, 3D printer, laser cutter and vacuum former
  • Workshops for electronics, metal, wood and textiles
  • Physiology and sports labs
  • Studios for podcasts, film, audio and virtual reality
  • Powerfully equipped computer room
  • Project rooms, study spaces, breakout rooms
  • Fuse Box – large flexible space for group work, research, presentations and exhibitions
  • Fuse also contains many informal environments, purpose-built study spaces and social areas such as lounges and student kitchenette. 


workshop in Fuse

Use Fuse!

A meeting place for everyone – how to access Fuse

In keeping with the maxim ‘design, build and test’, Fuse is the place to test and develop your ideas with others. Here you can convert your theoretical knowledge into practice. Everyone at Chalmers is welcome to attend Fuse, subject to space, but Tracks students have priority. All open study areas are accessible to everyone.

To work in some of the workshops and labs, you may need to take a safety course, or get help from the staff at the facility. If you have any questions or want more detailed information send an email to the staff:  

Two students in Fuse
Photographer: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Visit Fuse!

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in a presentation and tour of Tracks and Fuse. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Chalmers Student Union’s T-Rax association

Chalmers Student Union’s T-Rax association organises workshops, drop-in evenings and the like. Follow them on Instagram@chalmerstrax or contact: