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The Chalmers fence at the Gothenburg Horse Show.
The Chalmers fence 2018 at the Gothenburg Horse Show. By placing underground sensors on both sides of the fence, the take off and landing forces were measured in real time.

Are you interested in doing sport or developing technical solutions in sport? A wide range of activities and clubs ensures that there is something for everyone at Chalmers. With us, you can also combine your elite sports career with your studies.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to do sports at Chalmers. The Student Union has a number of clubs offering sports at different levels, ranging from yoga and football to padel and rowing.

You also have the opportunity to climb indoors at Kopparbunken, train at the gym Fysiken at a discounted price or use the sports hall and our sauna on campus. If you want to be involved in developing the sports technology solutions of the future, you can choose to take courses in sports technology or write your master’s thesis on a sport you are interested in.

Combining elite sport with studies

If you are an elite athlete, you can plan for both a sports career and a professional career when you study at Chalmers. As a national sports student, you can tailor your studies so that you can compete and practice your sport at an elite level. For example, this might involve taking exams elsewhere or studying part-time so you can compete or attend sports camps.

National sports students at Chalmers are active in a number of sports, including:

  • Sailing
  • Handball
  • Orienteering
  • Athletics
  • Floorball
  • Cheerleading
  • Field hockey

Benefits for national sports students

As a national sports student, you will have access to benefits such as a free gym membership, dietary advice and sports injury support. You will also be invited to network meetings. Usually, we combine a lecture and a social activity when we meet.

Facts about the National Sports University

  • Chalmers has been a National Sports University since 2015 in partnership with the Swedish Sports Confederation.
  • As of 1 August 2022, Chalmers will be the first National Sports University in Sweden to become the centre of excellence for sports technology. For Chalmers, this means a closer sports technology partnership with the sports movement and the various specialised sports federations in the country.
  • The collaboration with Gothenburg’s sports federations also means that Chalmers develops its sports research with the sports federations, resulting in challenging and inspiring bachelor’s theses and degree projects for students who like sports, science and technology.
  • Most of Chalmers’ subject areas and master’s programmes include practical aspects of sports technology.
  • Chalmers has around 90 active national sports students.

Scholarships and student grants

As a national sports student within the framework of the National Sports University, you may be eligible for a scholarship from the Swedish Sports Confederation. Otherwise, the rules of the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) for student grants apply.

Scholarships from the Swedish Sports Confederation (link to the website of the Swedish Sports Confederation)
Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN – external page)

Get inspired by our national sports students

Cheerleaders chase world championship glory

Six national sports students from Chalmers are getting ready to compete in the World Cheerleading Championships.