Education consultants

Chalmers has carefully identified and signed contracts with a few education consultants around the world. We trust them to help you choose the right programmes at Chalmers and guide you through your application process.

Approved services

In the contract that we sign with an education consultancy, we stipulate a certain set of services that they must all offer. Any extra services that they offer have not been sanctioned by Chalmers.

According to our contract, consultants receive compensation from Chalmers for the work they do. Since we cannot control their business model, we do not prohibit them from charging their customers a service fee. However, we do not approve of such service fees being charged for services that are not sanctioned by Chalmers.

Following is the list of services that have been sanctioned by Chalmers.

  • Guidance on the master's programme(s) offered at Chalmers
  • Guidance on the specific entry and documentation requirements
  • Guidance on the master's application process
  • Guidance on the tuition fees and scholarships application process


The contract that Chalmers signs with an education consultant is accompanied by a Code of Conduct that stipulates, how an education consultant ought to behave and what they can and cannot do.

Contracted consultancies:


Education International Cooperation (EIC) Group Ltd.​
Shanghai Nordic Consulting Ltd.


Ins​tituto Nórdico


Santa Monica Study Abroad (Pvt.) Ltd.


PT Asa Global Edukasi​​
Nordic Student Services


Trust Education Foundation


Selt INTER Education Co., Ltd.