She is a project manager in the aerospace industry

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Photo Amanda Dalstam
Amanda Dalstam studied Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers and works as a project manager at GKN Aerospace.

"I learn fast, a skill I acquired at Chalmers."

Education: Mechanical Engineering
Job: Project Manager at GKN Aerospace

Even though I do not work in the field in which I trained, I benefit greatly from understanding the challenges and opportunities of other engineers.

What was the best thing about student life?

The people I met when I was a student. I have Chalmers to thank for my closest friends, and also for the mentors and people who have given me advice outside my job.

One of my strongest memories from Chalmers is when I helped organise the engineering section’s labour market fair. In the middle of a lesson, the facilities manager called to say that there was an industrial robot in the yard with my name on it. It was the first time that I experienced practical problem solving, which is now routine for me.