Living in Sweden

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When you study at Chalmers, you’ll experience the Swedish way of doing things. Sweden is known for its open, progressive thinking, its commitment to equality and inclusivity, and for its innovative approach to business and technology.

The Swedish way

Sweden has a unique business culture, which yields impressive results. Despite a small population of just over 10 million, it is home to an impressive number of globally recognised companies, including Ericsson, IKEA, Spotify, and H&M. The working culture is very open, and non-hierarchical. This is as true at Chalmers as it is in Sweden overall.

But it is not all about work. Balance is important here. When you study at Chalmers, you will see how seriously Swedes take their fun, how they value their social lives just as much as their work, and – what is more – you will discover the true meaning of a Swedish fika.

Welcome to Sweden

Independent thinking and innovation are key reasons to study and research in Sweden.

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Learning Swedish

The official language in Sweden is Swedish. Even though it is very easy for international students to get by with English only, learning Swedish could be a great advantage. As a foreign student, you do not need to learn Swedish, but doing so will help you understand the culture better and it will increase your chances to get a job in Sweden after your studies.

Gothenburg - city by the sea

​On the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is a perfectly sized ‘big little city’, with a population of around 570,000. Here, you will find plenty of cultural activities, a lively nightlife, and miles of natural green space, with forests, lakes, and a beautiful collection of islands, all within easy distance of the centre.​

Did you know that Gothenburg has been ranked as the world's most sustainable city* six years in a row? Sustainability in all dimensions is measured; ecological, social, and economic, but to get high in the ranking, it is also important that the city in general works with sustainability issues.

Chalmers’ two campuses, Johanneberg and Lindholmen, are right in the heart of Gothenburg, one on either side of the river, making the university well embedded into the life of the city. The friendly, welcoming attitude here will ensure you quickly feel at home – Gothenburg has previously been voted ‘the world’s most sociable city’. And the locals speak excellent English, so everyday life is usually pretty straightforward here. Just remember – many stores in the city, and both our campuses, do not accept cash, so make sure to bring a card when you go shopping!

It is easy to get around, with the famous blue and white trams covering the whole city. And with more than 800 kilometres of bike lanes, cycling is also a popular and safe option. We are sure you will feel right at home in this warm and lively city, right by the sea.

*Global Destination Sustainability has ranked Gothenburg as the world's most sustainable destination six years in a row (2022)

Get to know Gothenburg

Home to a vibrant cultural scene, sustainable living and a fascinating history – all within walking distance.

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Ask our students about life in Sweden

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